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True, Ideal & Hairy Hairless

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

This Page was made to help understand the different degrees of the Chinese Crested Hairless dog as well as the Chinese Crested Powder Puff.

Chinese Crested is a hypoallergenic breed whether you're looking for a hairless or a powder puff ​and you have pet​ ​allergies this is a breed to consider   

Chinese Crested puppies for sale

A True hairless:  A true hairless has little to no furnishings 

Head (crest): Little to no hair

Tail (plum): Little to no hair

Feet (boots): Little to no hair

The true hairless is pet Quality 

In-between a true hairless and an I deal hairless is you true ideal  

Chinese Crested puppies for sale

An Ideal Hairless: In most cases has nice furnishings with some body hair that will need to be groomed.

Head (crest): light to thick hair

Tail (plum): light to thick hair

Feet (boots): light to thick hair

Often a Ideal hairless is show Quality 

In-between and Ideal hairless and a hairy hairless is the ideal hairy hairless 

Chinese Crested puppies for sale

A Hairy Hairless: In most cases has thick plush furnishing  with lots of body hair that will need to be groomed.

Head (crest): Thick hair- flashy appearance

Tail (plum): Thick hair  - flashy

Feet  (boots): Thick Hair- flashy

Often a hairy hairless is show quality and as you can see in the photos to the left on a hairy hairless is a single coat over the whole body but yet you can see the skin on the puppy if you are not able to see the skin on the young puppy then it would be a powder puff view puff newborn below . Don't be fulled many breeders will try to sell a Powder puff as a hairy Hairless. Also due to the hairless  gene, the teeth in the Hairless may be smaller and the tiny "tusks" will extend forward, but the Powder Puff should have a regular canine mouth.  

An extremely "hairy" Hairless can look almost  like a lightly-coated Powder Puff! They have even been referred to as "semi-coats", which makes things even more complicated for a newcomer to the breed. In order to check whether such a dog is genetically Hairless or Powder Puff, simply look in the mouth. If the dog is genetically Hairless it will have forward-pointing tusks; if it is a Powder Puff it will have a normal mouth.

Puff: The Powder Puff carries no Hairless genes, therefore it has a normal canine mouth, and their mouths are not affected by the Hairless gene mutation. At the front there are six incisors top and bottom. The canine teeth are strong and slightly curved. Behind the canine teeth are four pre-molars and two molars, in both upper and lower jaws. This makes forty-two teeth in all, in a tight scissor bite.

Chinese Crested puppies for sale
Chinese Crested puppies for sale

Powder Puff : The Powder Puff shares the crest and build of the Hairless, but in addition has a full coat of long, silky hair.

Requires brushing about once a week to maintain a fresh groomed look
The look of the Powder Puff varies according to how it is groomed. You can easily groom your Powder Puff to have the hairless appearance for easy up keep and a adorable look. 

If you are purchasing a powder puff, many of my customers like them groomed to have the hairless appearance. I call this a pony cut.

Pony Cut Directions :

Body 10 blade 

Ears 40 blade

Mussel - 40 on the part of mussel and 10 on the under side 

Make sure when shaving the body you stop at the shoulder so that your crest will give you the Pony (mane) look.

As seen in picture on the left.

If you are purchasing your powder puff from me I will be glad to groom your puppy with this cut at your request.