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Taping Ears

Taping Chinese Crested ears

When Taping your Chinese Crested Ears I recommend using extra adhesive masking tape. I prefer 1.5" Scotch extra adhesive.
1. Shave all excuses hair off the ears
2. Cut two pieces of tape about 5 inches long
3.place the center of the tape on the back of ear and fold the ear forward .
4. Be sure to change tape every 24 hour's repeat this as needed until the ears are standing. 
keep in mind ears can fall from teething ,stress, and hair growth on the ears it is important to keep the ears shaved until the ear is strong enough to hold the hair.
Taping should start at the age of 5 weeks of age in most cases the hairless ear are up prior to shipping or pick up, however the powder puff ears take a bit longer I have had to tape a puffs ears as long as 8 mo and as short 1 week so you never know.