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Waggin Tails 

Since Covid-19 we not only have to protect our puppies but we also have to look out for the best interest of our customers. Waggn tails is the answer. We have been using CJ to transport all our puppies the past few year's he has done an amazing job. He will deliver your puppy to your home. Keeping you out of the airport no more puppy flight delays (Ya.) We here at Extreme Chinese Cresteds have found this to be the perfect solution. The best thing about CJ/ Waggn Tails is that he understands the importance of keeping puppies healthy and happy in travel, therefore there's never more than 1-3 puppies per travel I counldn't be more pleased with the service he provides.

Shipping is available only in the USA If you live in Canada you can pick up in the states and I will make sure you have the proper paper work for customs for your return.

Please fill out the form to the right if your puppy is being shipped to you. All puppies are shipped in the early morning to help avoid delayed flights and to get your puppy to you in the best timely manner possible. Also all shipping will in most cases have a short layover this has to be no less than 1hr giving ample time to get puppy to the next flight. I will chose the best flight to your location when booking your puppy in some case we arrive to the airport they may change flights so please pay attention to your email day of your puppy arriving. I will be sending you updates as your puppy is in travel.

* Your shipping charges includes:  Airline Ticket, a new airline approved crate size 23"L X 16"H  X 10"W ,a health certificate no older than 10 days in your name ,this is a requirement from all airline. There will be food and water in the crate when traveling as well as extra food taped to the back of the crate.
* If Purchasing a puppy with full AKC your paper's will accompany your puppy.(Taped on top of crate in an envelope)
* Your Puppy Vaccine Record along with health certificate will be  (Taped on top of crate in an envelope)
* I will send a harness with lead or collar to fit your puppy  (Taped on top of crate in a clear bag)

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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*American Air 395 + crate 30.00

Delta Air not available 

*United Air not available 

 Extreme Chinese Crested  has an Pal account with American so we are able to get email update's as the pet travels, as well as have access to there web site. I do feel that personal pick up is best for any pet , but many customers do not have that option so we ship and I can say I have shipped for 20 years and never have had a issue. The only things that has happened is delayed flights and rejected do to  temps, but other than that every puppy was delivered safe and sound to there designation.