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Grooming Your Powderpuff

Grooming a Chinese Crested Powder Puff

The Powder Puff is born in the same litter as the Hairless Chinese Crested. The Powder Puff does not carry the hairless gene and can produce only Powder Puffs unless bred to a Hairless.

The Powder Puff shares the crest and build of the Hairless, but in addition has a full coat of long, silky hair. It usually requires brushing about once a week to maintain a fresh groomed look. The look of the Powder Puff varies according to how it is groomed. When its fur is completely grown out on its face, it strongly resembles a terrier; however, the Powder Puff is usually shaved around the snout as a standard cut. Its fur is incredibly soft and shedding is minimal. Due to its coat type, both Powder Puff and Hairless are considered good pets for allergy sufferers.

The Powder Puffs are not subject to as many genetic defects as their Hairless siblings.

If you are purchasing a powder puff as a pet many of my customers like them groomed to have the hairless appearance. I call this a pony cut.

Pony Cut Directions :

Body 10 blade 

Ears 40 blade

Mussel - 40 on the top part of mussel and 10 on the under side 

Make sure when shaving the body you stop at the shoulder so that your crest will give you the Pony (mane) look.

As seen in picture on the left.

If you are purchasing your powder puff from me I will be glad to groom your puppy with this cut at your request.