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Chinese Crested Feedback

Just wanted to thank you again for everything!!  Kieran was a champ on all the plane rides. He slept through them all.
He is settling in great and we just couldn’t be happier. The little rawhide chew sticks were very handy...could you share what brand they are, or where you get them? He loves these. 

Here’s a quick pic, but I’ll share more in the weeks ahead. 


Armani got best dressed at Mardi Gra ! Thank you Kathy for sharing love the pictures congratulations !

Our precious boy is doing awesome!! He has filled our life with happiness and joy in the sadness of losing or other precious babies. We just can’t get enough of him daily!! He’s going tomorrow for his next booster shot. He is a little wild man and our rescue Pearl is such a baby setter and she is a year old but he owns her lol. Jazzy his other sister is still not too sure and we have to watch her closely with him but she’s coming along. Thanks again for this joy in our lives

HW 11/9/18

 Such a fun puppy. She has lots of energy and personality. She has mastered house training, she sits, she gives 'high 5's' and she loves to play fetch. She cuddles every night and smothers us all with kisses every day!


Last update 9/14/18

Just wanted to share a pic and let you know she is settling in great. She's loving running around the backyard.


Hi!!! Just wanted to update you on Lola! She is amazing and we love her so much! Piper and her are best friends! Thank Season you for the updates I love them...also thank you for the cutest stuffed Chinese Crested doll ever....  

Thank you to the Gayford family for sharing the incredible picture's with there new puppy.

You are in for it now Laurie! Have soooooo many pictures of this gorgeous boy! He is our shining star :) We live in Denver, but he has been to San Francisco and Canada too! 

Thank you so much for the picture of our sweet Ruby we love her so much. She is so smart and such a Diva. I am so thankful we live so close to your shop. I love coming in for grooming and shopping for her Diva clothes. You are the best breeder I have ever dealt with! Your puppies are very well taken care of in a safe and clean environment I know you love each and every one of them, your shop is always clean and looks like a puppy spa.

Thanks again
Happy New Year
Tammie Gla
Ruby Rose

Almost 5 months. She's changed quite a bit since she's came home. She's gorgeous, thank you.

This is my girl Miyuki, she will be 1 years old in October. She is my sweet baby.  She is so cute and when she gets embarrass or excited her little face and neck turns bright pink. Thank you Laurie for such a beautiful girl.

Hi, he's doing great! So loving and Timi and Ace are adjusting 😇

Hi Laurie, it's been almost 2 weeks since we got Timi and we are very lucky. It was so neat to me how the whole thing happened. It was the right place at the right time. We love him so much. He is so smart and such a lover! He's Mommies little man. Prince and Velvet made one amazing litter!!
Kasia and Bobby 

Hi Laurie we picked up our puppy today he came in on time and the minute I took him out of his crate he was in my face kissing and licking me as if he's known me for nine weeks we took him home he ate he met the rest of the family and he just fell right in with everybody like I said again as if he's been here about a week  instead of an hour he is so cute and little and thank you so much for all his outfits I can't wait till he can wear them all lol we definitely will be getting hold of you in the future for another one thank you 

She is my sweet, sweet baby

So Loki is settling in very nicely! Here are some photos of him last night after his bath and jammies. We are in love with this little guy! 😍 

Hi Laurie!
I just wanted to send a pic and a quick note to let you know how much we are absolutely in love with Loki! It's been four weeks now since he flew into Peoria and into our lives and I can't even recall how we existed before we knew him. He is so full of energy and has an incredible personality.

Thank you so much and I hope all is well with you!



Paris wanted to Thank You personally for all that you've always done for her throughout the years. She's currently traveling with her two Daddy's to be the Flower girl in their Beach Wedding.❤️💙
You've been an Amazing Breeder, a Great Friend and so much more!❤️
You've always been there for help with answers and if you didn't know the answer you always quickly found them and you've always helped with the most amazing clothing and collars to keep her up to date in fashion.
Our most Sincere Thanks to You and your Wonderful Family!!!💖💞
Paris Fox and her Daddy,
Mychael Fox

Just a thank you for the puppy. He is doing well, other than a minor case of car sickness 5 minutes after leaving the store and pooping once on the seat. He loves to play all the time when he's not sleeping.

We are working on his going outside. He does not care for it too much. As soon as I put him down, he wants to be picked up again. Today he's in Arizona, and spending more time walking in the warm weather. Tonight we will be in California, hopefully he will find the warm weather easier to get used to going outside.

I am enclosing a picture of Mao in his new home. I think he likes it.


Thank you Rick for bringing Moe back to visit on 6/6/16

Hau is a delight.  TX again for sending the cute tops.

I thought you would enjoy these photos after his first formal grooming.

Wish I had had camera to show him muddy and romping at the stable in the mini pen the day before.

Thank you so much for bringing this delight in my life.  I played the video from you site and he watches with his head turned listening to the puppies

I hope all is well with you and family

Elizabeth and hau

I have more pictures to send that might be a little better but I haven't loaded them into the computer yet.  My daughter took these with her phone, she brought her little dog over to play.

Harley is doing great.  He rules the house.  My oldest dog, Nikki, still isn't thrilled with him but she is getting better.  However, Bayley and Harley play all of the time now.  He gets a little rough but they do seem to like each other.  He is taller than Bayley now and a little shorter than Nikki. His markings are great, he is such a pretty dog (If boys can be pretty).  I will send you more pictures soon.

Hi Laurie, I just wanted to let you know Monkey is doing great! He was groomed today and started puppy kindergarten class this past weekend. He is very well behaved for his age and very very energetic; loves to play! He is still trying to win over my cats.


Hi Laurie,
Piper and Razzy are best of buds, they play and run together it's awesome to watch!
Piper eats very well and is adjusting perfectly.
I've been taping his ears. Took the tape off this morning to let his ears air out as you can see in the picture and his ears are standing nicely. Will see if his ears fall over and tape again. Piper is an exceptional dog, love my first Chinese Crested very cool little character perfect with the Irish Water Spaniel Razzy they both have lots of energy and spunk in them they are great together.


Hey Laurie,
Valentina is doing great ! She is such a well behaved little lady. We love her so much !


Hey Laurie, just wanted to let you know that Valentina is doing great and she's so much fun to have around :)

Hey Laurie, just wanted you to see how big she got. Valentina is the sweetest little girl in the world we love her so much :)

Hey Laurie,
Just wanted to give you an update on Valentina and Scarlett. These two beautiful girls are doing great and they love each other so much.
P.S Scarlett is now 3.5 pounds
Now Valentina has a new sister ...
My Second Puppy almost a year later 
She's home and doing great running around and playing.. We love her !

Hey Laurie, Valentina and Scarlett are getting alone great. Scarlett is a joy to have we love her so much.
Hey Laurie,
Hope everything is well with you and your family. I wanted to give you another update on Scarlett, she is 4.5 pounds and doing great. We love her so much !

Monty's Mom has taken her little man to fame he is the face of Rockstar Puppy Boutique http://www.rockstarpuppyboutique.com/

And visit them on Facebook 


Here is Ming (little Diva) playing with my 1 year old Mi Ki.
Already best of friends
Hello, hope you are well.thought I would write to say Ming is fine.  Here she is in her bed. For her floppy ear I bought some tape made by 3M that is for sensitive skin + comes off without pulling out hair, so this is what she has on now to keep it straight.
She has been to see the vet + now weighs all of 2.5 pounds + was declared very healthy.
She sleeps through the night as the first few nights she would wake up between 2 and 3 a.m. asking for food + then wanting to play!
Thanks again for my lovely "little" bebe, she has adapted very well.

I sure wish I could send you a video of this baby playing with my big girl. My husband was not prepared for a new addition but it took 2.1 seconds after putting her into his arms for him to fall in love. We are struggling to name her....so far we've been calling her baby. Love love love this little girl! 

Cathryn Mills

Laurie.... Here's a Photo of Cruella! Happy Easter
Debbie from California !

Hello Laurie,

                              LuLu has turned out to be a wonderful companion, and friend. She loves everyone, and everyone loves her! My Father has a 35’ sailboat at a mountain lake here in northern Utah (Bear Lake), and I take her up there every chance I get..she is a real favorite, and quite the little sailor!! There are 17 dogs on our dock, but she is the stand out! I love her like no other dog I have had. PLEASE if you get another Female PP that looks like her PLEASE! let me know before you put her up on your site. I will buy her in a heartbeat! I have looked at PP’s on other sites, but just don’t trust them like I do you. You delivered LuLu in a very safe manner, the price was right, everything about my transaction with you was perfect!

Looking forward to doing business with you in the near future!

Thank You!

They are so precious. Cocoa puff likes his bed room. AKA my closet. He will just go in there are rest. The best spot is my lap. That's where they are resting now with there heads resting neck on neck.
Thank you so much. Melinda.




Hi Laurie

 Just wanted to send you an update. This is probably the best picture I have of her just taken 5 min ago. She's doing very well. Still only about half the size of Cross. Hope all is well.

Hi Laurie,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know Gizmo (formerly Reese) is the best boy ever!! I love this little guy so much. He is so happy and loving and playful. He is also very smart. He has learned to "give me 5" and to fetch. He follows me everywhere and sit at my feed while I do my hair and make up for work. It is impossible to be in a bad mood with him around. He is so funny he always has me laughing.
Thank you for this little man.
Marlis Alexander

Well we made it through "the move" and I can finally breathe again. Sorry it's taken so long to send an update. Our little Samson is still just as sweet as ever. We really love him and he is spoiled rotten. He weighs a little under 5lbs!  Yep, you heard me correctly - 5lbs!  He's my little sack of sugar. :0) I love this picture. It's like he's posing.

We made it through our first night together.  Guess wear he slept?  Right under my chin. All my babies slept with me, at first, so I guess he won't be any different. Harry loves him and is being a very good doggy daddy.   It's so cute to see him sleeping on him. He did really well with going pottying in his puppy apartment. I woke him up at 2:30am to feed him. I probably shouldn't have but I started fretting and feeling guilty about the long day he had. This is EXACTLY like having a newborn and he is the sweetest baby. 

Thanks again, and again, and again....Helen

Hi I just wanted to give you an update on Nigel. he is 3 pounds now and doing great. we just left the vets office and they said he was in perfect health and very beautiful. I am enjoying him so much, you were right, he is a winner! he loves to sit in mine or Jeremy's lap, cuddled up with phoebe or laying on top of the air vents when we have the heater on (we live an old Acadian style home).

Jessica M 

Just sending you an update. Zoey (formerly Venus DeBlue) is doing great she is 3.9 lbs now and full of energy. Such a beautiful and happy baby we definitely made the right choice buying a puppy from you. Thanks for everything.

Lisa sent this updated picture of Bella's new hair style LOVE IT
Posted 1-8-14 
She's extremely happy. And yes more loved than u know. ;) She loves to go. I'll start any truck and she's climbing in the door. Or up the steps to get in my big truck. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have such a wonderful daughter. :)
Posted 12/24/13
Thank you for sharing

Our Sweet Stelina thanks to you Laurie!

 Ilsebet Gianna

posted 12/9/13

Hi Laurie, I know im on the crested site but I wanted to update you. Brian Andrews and I purchased a neo from you , named Hooch, who we now call Duce, who was born in 8/11 one of Doozier boys. He is the most outstanding member of our family, with a one of a kind personality. He is in excellent shape and condition. He is also the biggest overgrown baby was have ever had. You are an outstanding breeder and I cant thank you enough for allowing Duce to be part of our lives. I will send you an updated pix as soon as I can. However last week I lost my first love of 10 years he was a chihuahua, but I still have his 6 year old partner in crime Rookie, his little brother. When Brian purchased Duce he was getting his favorite breed neo of course, and at the time I had no idea that you also raised my breed of choice the cresteds. It puts my heart as ease to now know how wonderful your puppies turn out, and God forbid if anything should ever happen to Rookie, I know who to contact for a quality crested. Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely Felica

Thank you Lori for the sweet picture of Cross and Carmela she even looks smaller by him to funny

Sent from my iPhone posted 12/6/13

Lori A PA 

I wanted to let you know that Carmela is doing great. I believe this little girl is going to be naughty. She got on top of the presents under the tree and was chewing on the corners. When I would yell at her she would go under the tree so I couldn't get her. Lol.  Btw she weighs 2 lbs now.

posted 12/9/13

Hi Laurie,
Just wanted to send you an update.
She's almost 5 lbs now and doing great. 
Hope all is well

Lori A  sent 2/17/14

Laurie, I just wanted to say thanks for everything-your babies have brought so much joy to my life. You've given me a great gift! I will miss talking to you, but I will send pics.

For future reference, the ground transport is wonderful. The truck was clean and warm and the drivers were very nice.  I honestly think its the way to go if you have a choice.

Again, thanks and you're wonderful!


Hope you are doing well. Thought you might like this pic for your site. They're doing great!

Best Regards,
Esther Behar
Rainbow Real Estate

 Posted 10/27/13

He says hello Laurie from College Station Texas hope u have a wonderful day
Kathy Cook

 Posted 10/26/13

This is a picture of champ in his new home with his new mommy Mary. Thank you so much for the update. I love that bed....He is one lucky little guy

 Posted 3/29/13

Last picture updated 8/19/14

 Just wanted to update you on the pup! We renamed him Guss, he's happy healthy, and definitely a yuppy puppy!!  This is him in his Christmas Hoodie!! Hope all is well :)


 Posted 1/4/2013

 I hope you liked my Peanuts Christmas card and picture.

Will, Diane and MeaBella Lilly from Texas

 Posted 12/24/2012

Hahahaha! So cute!!! I can't believe I missed your email. I'm so sorry. I've been thinking about you lots because I just adore my little MuShu! He is so loving!!!! I am so happy I bought him. Here's some pics of him so you can see what a handsome lil guy he is growing up to be. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for this little angel you sent me. :)
XOXO & Have A Happy Halloween,Bobbi Billard    

He crawled up onto my shoulder in the car!! I had to put him in the crate but it was so cute!!
Micah Winter 

We're attached at the hip!!!

Hi Laurie, This is Lori Andretta. I purchased a hairless male from your March 14th litter. I attached a recent picture of Cross. We just love him! Thanks again, Lori Andretta
Posted 07/03/2012

Here's the first photo I was able to take of this little jumper. I have a whole new respect for all the photos you managed to take of these little guys. It's difficult! His new name is MuShu.

Bobbi posted 06/27/12

"MuShu" had his first vet visit today. They had a lot of fun with him in the back room! I thought I'd share one of the photos they took of him because it is sooo cute! They put a lei on him because it is called Aloha Animal Hospital. 
Everyone loves this dog! He's a real show stopper just as you said he would be. He has been the subject of many photoshoots already and I've only had him a couple of days. Every place I have taken him to has done a full blown shoot consisting of multiple photos of him. They were texting all their friends photos of him. He's going to be famous, haha! I guess like mother like baby... It runs in the family (I work as a model/actress). :) 
Also, I don't know what it is but this dog is such a lover! He sleeps on my neck and nuzzles me all night. I'm in LOVE! And my other dog, a maltese accepted him so quickly. Not even 24 hours went by and now they are already friends and playing together. This was a huge relief as I really wanted my first dog to accept this new baby and it appears that she has. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1mgSA2g5sY
Thanks so much for everything.

Bobbi Billard posted 6/28/2012

This littel puppy was gifted to help the needs of a very specail littles girl and then found his way into another very specail little girls heart.

Posted 5/23/12

He's demeanor is the best. It could not have made my little girl any happier.



Hi Laurie,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was perfect with this new little Angel, "Summer Lin". She is a total monkey. She is beautiful and super active with enough personality for 6 dogs. She gets along great with all the other Steckenrider' Fur Babies. I took her to the vet this morning for the 3rd shot. She stole the show at the vet's office with her antics. She weighs a whopping 2.4 pounds at 13 weeks. Her hair, with using the shampoo and conditioner in the small jars that I bought from you, looks like silk. I set her on the table at the vet's and she went into a perfect "stack". I think she is WestMinster Bound!!! My vet said to give his compliments to the breeder as Daisy and Summer Lin are both excellent quality and since he is also an AKC Judge, I considered that a great compliment for Extreme Chinese Cresteds!!!

Daisy too is an attention stealer!! Everyone at the vet's office wanted to know where they came from. I gave them the Extreme Chinese Crested's Web site. I put them back in the van (loose) while I paid the vet bill, came out and there were 8 people looking in the windows at my girls and saying how beautiful they were. "They were dressed in matching Christmas dresses". I am so proud of these two girls!! They are going Saturday to get their pictures taken with Santa. LOL I'm sure, while there my two perfect Extreme Chinese Cresteds will steal the show again!! Such Little Attention Getters!! We love them both so much!!

Hope to talk to you soon.
Lots of Love from Janet, Daisy, and Summer Lin


posted 2/27/2012

Hi Laurie and Scott!
I meant to send you some pictures for awhile - Finally, here they are. I have to tell you (Diva) now called Zuri (Swahilian for beautiful) is doing absolutely wonderful. She has the sweetest personality. My husband claims I love her more than him! She gets along wonderfully with our other dog Rafie. They are the best of buddies.
I can't thank you enough for all of your help and kindness during the process of getting Zuri. You were always willing to call and answer any questions and send pictures and video at a moments notice. I can tell you really love your dogs and are great with helping your customers. Thank you both for all you did in getting Zuri into my hands. You went above and beyond! This is such a great breed... someday I would love to find one more "perfect puppy" from you. Have a great holiday and the best to you. Lori

Lilly is now home in Denver safe and sound, Robert 

Laurie,Sorry for the late reply! Prince is so so so cute! We love him so much! The shirt is adorable and looks great on him! We got the akc papers and rabies tag, and the fourth of july accessories are amazing also, thank you so much! We appreciate everything you did for us and we are so glad Prince is here with us now! We took some pictures and we will send some to you as soon as possible, we can't wait to show you! Thank you so much, we LOVE PRINCE! 

We are doing just fine made it home & got settled. Everyone thinks he is so sweet & cute. I still have to pinch myself from time to time to be sure I really do have him with me. Have decided to name him Wu jia Liwu which in Chinese means priceless gift & that's what he is to me, thanks to you. Again I want to thank you so very very much. He is asleep in my lap as I am writting this & Si is curled up beside me. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, I know I have. Linda

Hi Laurie,

Well it is Sunday morning, 12/12/10 and it finally got cold in Texas! I am ready for some winter.
Mea is doing just wonderful. She loves our house all decorated for Christmas. I am mailing you a Christmas card with a picture. She is just beautiful!!!!! Fa-la-la, Will & Diane Lilly

Hello Laurie,

I have been meaning to write but the months just blew past. My husband and I purchased (John), now named Dobby from the September 3, 2010 litter. You shipped him to us on January 5, 2011. I just wanted to let you know that he is such a well tempered puppy. He is so sweet and very playful. He shares our home with my old female cat and a 4 year old Shih-Tzu. He Plays so well and loves to give kisses. We will soon be looking for a hairless female to add to our family. If you have any females from the same parents please let us know. We love the temperament and Dobby has been neutered. I've attached a picture and I will be taking him to Fort Funston Dog Park this weekend and be sure to take updated photos. Thank you again for such a great puppy!

Alex & Steve

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Butler (Neapolitan Mastiff) is doing wonderful. He has been to the White House with us on a trip to Washington. He stays inside and sleeps beside my bed. I have him housetrained so we are getting along just fine. Currently at this time he is in Training. He has spent the last 3 wks with a trainer. We got to see him last Sun. and he has to spend another 3 wks in training and gets to come home. He is learning how to sit, stay, come, heel and shake hands. I felt these classes were a must considering how big he will become. I want to be able to control him with my voice and not to have any worries. Thanks so much for the perfect pet. I love him sooo much. Carrie

My husband was a "cat person", so it took almost two years for him to agree to a dog for our children.  I promised that I would do everything  for the dog and it wouldn't be any extra work for him.  In 2006, we added Monaco to our family, a hairless female Chinese Crested. Monaco was such a sweetheart, our daughter's new BFF and she was friendly towards everyone...people and other animals.  This made us long for another dog.  I decided she needed a boyfriend.  After begging and shedding some tears, my husband caved.  So, in 2008 we added Venice, a hairless male to the family.   Monaco didn't like him at first, but within a couple of weeks, they were best friends.   In 2009, we married our dogs...first comes love, then comes marriage and then comes the PUPPIES!
In 2011, I decided to give breeding a try.  I educated myself with conversations I had with Laurie of the Yuppy Puppy and various research.  I felt confident enough to successfully do this and my husband was onboard.  Monaco and Venice produced a beautiful litter of two.  My daughter and I whelped them on my husband's birthday... the "cat person", how special.  I told my husband we would sell the puppies.  But once I laid my eyes on them, that idea flew out the window... it was love at first sight.  Wow...a dog WITH hair, that was different... and a hairless with the best markings and colors I had ever seen.  They were gorgeous, how could I part with either one of them?  My husband kept asking if I had advertised yet...I kept putting him off.  Ahhh, the power of tears...now we have 4 Chinese Cresteds, a PACK!  Rome, is a white Powderpuff and HonoLULU is our hairless baby girl.   What a tough job, one litter and done!  Giving birth to another child is less work and I would have gotten more sleep!  God Bless Laurie Strew!  
Now let's get REAL...Monaco and Venice were totally OUT OF CONTROL!  Venice "the Menace" became a new nickname.  Forget having visitors over without first gating all of the dogs in the kitchen and then listening to a barking frenzy.  The sweet Monaco we once knew, now enjoyed biting anyone who came through our door.  Venice had copied this, plus had a couple of behavior issues of his own.  How did this happen?  Are Chinese Cresteds supposed to behave this way?  NO DOG should behave this way!   I thought it was cute because they were small, so I just ignored this behavior.  But what if a Doberman Pincher did this?  It's not so cute, is it?
Remember I said they would be MY responsibility? I tried obedience class and dropped out.  I was overwhelmed.  I multi-task, but there weren't enough hours in the day for this working mom, I was spreading myself too thin.  
They were my BABIES, I gave them tons of affection, instead of treating them like DOGS.  They became in charge of me and it was MY FAULT, I allowed it to happen.  I needed help!
What I've told you is just a fraction of my story, but I'm sure a lot of you can relate to treating these cute little Cresteds like babies.  The Producers for the Dog Whisperer loved my story and thank God they did!  Cesar Millan recently trained me and my family.  Monaco, Venice, Rome and Lulu are now OUR responsibility, not just mine.  Our dogs are on the right track and my family and I are finally on the same page.  Exercise, Discipline and then affection!  Look for our complete story in 2012 on the Dog Whisperer.
I am the LEADER of my pack!
Kimberly Mastrian


Hi Lorie and Scott,

Just a note to update you on my beautiful Daisy purchased from you in October 2010. She is stunningly beautiful. Her crest gets more beautiful daily. She is now right at 7 pounds so she is a little bigger than I thought she would get but she is perfect in every way. She is very intelligent, her housebreaking took no time at all. She goes to a potty pad every time!! She and Jaida (my other crested are best buds). Daisy's skin is perfectly flawless!!!
Thank you and God Bless you and your family.
Janet Steckenrider

Laurie, I wanted to let you know that Faun is adjusting VERY well...she fits right in and is making herself at home. She got into her bed just a half hour ago for the first time and fell sound asleep with her head dropped over the side. She likes to sleep like that...she fell asleep on Daddy's arm last night...it was SO adorable. She napped two more times in his arms and then fell asleep for the night in my son's arms. It's so cute when I put her in the crate right out of his arms...she cried for like a second and then was out for the night! We are SO amazed at her potty skills...she goes potty immediately every time we take her out, I've never had a puppy be that good with potty training...she's awesome! She's so easy to read, I know when she has to potty and when she's sleepy. Also she is SO darn cute at feeding time with the girls...I bought her the cutest dishes and placemat. I usually put Cali's food down first so of course Faun goes right over and her and Cali start to chow down...then when I put her food down I plop her down in front of it...she eats like a horse...she sure can put away alot of food for being so tiny! Then she goes back to Cali's dish and Cali is so sweet she lets her have the rest, but then Cali goes right over and takes over Ebony's food...while Ebony just stands there and watches. Ebbie is so docile...lol. So I am going to change the order and put the baby's food down first, that should do the trick. Cali is so motherly with her, which truly surprises us because she's our little bull in a china shop...but with Faun she is super protective and gentle, she shares her toys with her and even played tuggy gently with her. Poor Ebony though...Cali won't share a thing with her...even if Cali has a toy, she'll dash over and snatch whatever Ebony has too. She's a work in progress...hehe! Ebony has not warmed up to Faun yet...she barks at her and growls alittle if she gets close. Cali is right there to defend the baby, she even lashed out at Ebbie once and put her in her place. I just don't want Cali to think that Faun is her possession...like her toys and she won't share her with Ebony. We're working on it all. I'll send pics as soon as the excitement settles down. Again, we are overjoyed with our yuppypuppy PUPPY!
Thankyou for being so passionate about what you do Laurie!

Hi Lorie and Scott,

Thank you so much for your help yesterday and all your hospitality when I visited The Yuppy Puppy and purchased my little angel girl.  She is beautiful and wonderful and I have no doubt I made the right puppy choice.
She whined for me today (I know I should not be spoiling her) but she is soo-o-o-oo-o precious.  I hope anyone who is in the market for a Chinese Crested will find your site.  If I can make any recommendations for you, you are welcome to give out my phone number.  And anyone who does not visit your shop (I don't care how far they have to drive), they are cheating themselves.
All your dogs seemed so happy and content. Plus they were all gorgeous!!
Thanks again.
Janet Steckenrider     


Just giving you an up-date on "Baby" !! What a BIG WORLD out there !! Her ride home was fine, she wasn't afraid of the passing trucks, tunnel, or roars of the "BIG NEW WORLD!! "  I have not named her yet, I'm waiting for my husbands return from Kansas. I like Annabelle and calling her Annie.
She is eating, sleeping and playing; I carry her in my apron pocket       SHE RIDES EVERYWHERE!!      I'LL SEND SOME PICTURES SOON.
I plan on bringing my friend to shop, possibly this weekend.
Thanks for staying late for me to buy my puppy, she is adorable-------------you are a top notch breeder!!
Sincerely, Elizabeth    

Hi Laurie ... thought I would send you the latest pictures of Tango Dakota Dreamer ... what a mouthful that name is ... but he is my dream come true for sure ... In this picture he just woke up and  is in his favorite "jammies" ... I have to fight with him to take them off and put him into a shirt ... he is 6 months in this one ... the second photo he is 8 months old and in his favorite sweatshirt ... he picks out his own clothes for the day I have no say in it what so ever !!! And if he changes his mind he just takes it off and brings it to me and we go get another one that he picks out ... I'll only do that twice in one day ... he really has me trained now doesn't he ... LOL ... thank you so much for my baby we just couldn't live without him he is that precious to us ... Later now .... Toni Rutten from the Black Hills of South Dakota

I just can’t tell you how much your little charmer is to me. His name is now Colt and is a big part of our family. I was so scared when he first came into my life. We already had a two year old lab and a six year old Chihuahua so other dog..was not really what I expected. Its now been two years and I could not imagine life without him.

He is a Big lover to everyone. Colt goes to work with me everyday. We also added a doggy door and enjoys the outdoors in the evening. soo my doggy children are pretty spoiled. Anyone who want a pet should look into this breed. Girly looking in all every man big or small can't help but hold Colt and parade around with him. This Breed will be in my life for EVER. My mom already tries to take Colt home with her all the time soo It will not be long till she get one also. Thank you for the latest addition to my family.
April McDonald
Moncks Corner, SC

We just want to let you know how much we appreciate you!!!!
Tiny brings so much joy into our lives every day, he is so smart and very rotten. 
Laughs are hundreds a day, we never know what he will do next.
Thank you for being the great person you are!
Linda and Eric

Summer has been very busy,I just want to let you know that Rielly is doing great.  He weighs 6 lbs now and the vet says, "he is full of the dickens."  Maggie our French Bull Dog puts up with all his puppy antics,she just loves him, as we do.  His house training went very easy , he travels well and he is my bed buddy at night.  Rielly rides on a raft around the pool then decides to walk on water and swims to the edge but he's ready to go again when you pull up with the raft he jumps on..He officially started hiking this week,  sometimes we have two dane size dogs along ,its quite a crew and we get compliments where ever we go.  Last night we did 2 and 1/2 miles and went wading in the Delaware River..Thank You for sending me such a wonderful puppy!!!!!Will send pics soon..Caryl Niece