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I have 1 Blue eyes

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SOLD Hhl Female Celeste
I have 2 Blue eyes

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 SOLD Puff Male Tango
I have 2 Blue Eyes

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SOLD Ideal Hl Male Prince
I have 2 Blue Eyes

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 Chakra Gemstones with Bell Puppy Necklace 

Now you can hear your puppy coming !!! You will alway know when your puppy wakes up from a nap so to take them out side to potty or not to trip over... having a bell for you puppy can make things just a little bit easier. 

Turquoise Chakra Puppy Bell Necklace Fits 8"-9"


Tricolor Color Chakra Bell Necklace Fits 7"-8"


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Customers w/ retainer credit's from 2014

a.Toni S / Hairless female light BL14

b.Annie M / Hl Male dark face

c.Debby P Hl F

No-Refundable retainer Fee's are only credited  to puppies purchase price. 

V.I.P.$ 250.00 retainer fee

V.I.P. Customer 

Retainer fees for upcoming 2018 & 2019 litters

1.Jennika K Hl M w/ blue eyes looking for 2019 

2.Tanya M HHL  w/blue eyes  M or F opal 2019

3.Glenda F Puff Female 


The puppies in the photos below are not available they have already found there forever homes. 

 V.I.P. List

 Retainer Fee for upcoming Chinese Crested Litter's this is a nonrefundable Fee of 250.00, that will go towards puppy purchase price of a future puppy. Please Leave a small description of what you are looking for. As well I ask you to submit a puppy contract form so I will have your file updated correctly.   

You will receive updates on all my upcoming litter until you have made your choice. Below you will see where you post on the V.I.P. list

    I do not take to take retainer fee's for blue eyed puppies. All puppies are priced at birth when the puppy opens its eyes and they are Blue there will be  an extra fee of 1000 added to the puppies purchase price  if you did not want blue eyed you can pass and wait for the next litter . Being on the V.I.P. List puts you closer to your new puppy. When you choose your puppy you are required to pay the retainer fee off said puppy all retainer fees will come off the purchase price on final payment.

   You can also be added to the list with out being a V.I.P. but you will only be updated after the V.I.P. customers have made a decision. 

Thank you for visiting. 

Price List for upcoming puppies

Hairless Males 2000-4000 With Blue Eyes 4500-6000
Hairless Females 3000-4000 With Blue Eyes 4500-6000
 Puff Males 1000-2000 With Blue Eyes 2500-4000
 Puff Females 1500-2500 With Blue Eyes 3000-4000
Price is determined by markings, size, Eye color and pet only or full registration. This list is not set in stone it is just an estimate.
All my breeders are clear of (PLL) (PRA-PRCD) and (DM)
You may view results by clicking the link below