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Extreme Chinese Crested Puppies

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Welcome To The Extreme Chinese Cresteds

Extreme Chinese Cresteds has quality akc reg Chinese Crested Puppies for sale, with a variety of Hairless and Powder Puff's to pick from.

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Kylie and Chinese Crested Lulu did great for their first show.  1st place for Lulu's age group and 2nd place for Kylie as Novice Jr. handler.  Here's a picture of them waiting to enter the ring.

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About us & our Chinese Crested


K-9 Skin Care for Chinese Crested


NuVet Plus for Chinese Crested  


IS YOUR Chinese Crested SUFFERING?

Ø Allergies

Ø Skin and Coat Problems

Ø Scratching, Itching and Biting

Ø Hot Spots

Ø Arthritis and Joint Problems

Ø Premature Aging

Ø Low Energy Levels

Ø Diabetes and Liver Problems

Ø Cataract and Tumors

Ø Digestive Problems

Ø Tearing

Ø Heart Disease

If Your Chinese Crested dog or puppy have any of these systems then you need to try NuVet 

Why Us 

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Healthy Puppy happy Customer 

Our Breeding line is clear for the following click the links below to view TEST results.


> Brucelosis


>  Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

All ou Chinese Crested Puppies are tested for the following prior to leaving us.

>Heart Murmurs

> Fecal for Parasites

> Patellas  

When you receive your puppy he or she will already have the following.

> 1 Dose Parvovirus Vaccine 

> 2 Doses 5 Way Vaccines

> 2 doses of worming

Health Certificate

                                                      Welcome to Extreme Chinese Crested Puppies for sale
We are focused on providing  you the best services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do  everything we can to meet your expectations in a quality Chinese Crested Puppy . We have a verity of Chinese Crested from a Chinese Crested Hairless or Chinese Crested Powder Puff, as well as your desired eye color . I personally , and  many of my customers  love the Blue eyed Chinese Crested, however, I do know many of you like the brown eyed Chinese Crested as well so we provide both . I hope you enjoy your visit today and if you have any questions, feel free to call or email me at any time. Thank you for visiting .

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